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How Your Donation Makes a Difference

About Us

We are a registered non-profit charitable organization based in Singapore depend solely on public donations. It is our mission to provide direct social welfare services to the sick, poor and needy.

We provide free meals to needy elderly. We work closely with neighborhood, residential community to provide free meals to low income people. We supply raw rice, noodles and vegetables to needy too.

We offer different services too. We nurture and help troubled youth regain confidence in themselves and turn positive. We help ex-drug addicts abstain from drug abuse and return to society as responsible citizens. We also help volatile families regain mutual understanding and communication.

THANK YOU for helping us to save lives.... Good people like you play an important role in helping the community. Every act of compassion and generosity from you goes a long way.

Our Programmes

- Daily Meal Programme
- Counseling services for troubled youth and families
- Mobile Healthcare Service
- Provide residential rehabilitation and treatment programme for ex-drug addicts
  • Children & Youth
  • Community
  • Disability

Tai Win TEE

Singapore Buddhist Welfare Services

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