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About Us

Founded in 1934, The Singapore Buddhist Lodge (SBL) is one of the Buddhist temples in Singapore. SBL's objective is to propagate Dharma and to perform charitable undertakings. Since its establishment, SBL has been very active in the following areas: organising pujas and Buddhism related events; distribution of red packets to the aged during Lunar New Year; giving out bursaries to students of all races; reaching out to the less fortunate through its Family Service Centre and Chinese Free Clinics and provision of free vegetarian meals to the public everyday.

The SBL Vision Family Service Centre :

Our Programmes

The Objectives of the Foundation are:

A) To render financial and other assistance to the aged, the sick, the disabled, the destitute, the poor and persons in need;

B) To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above, the foundation may:

1) Establish, manage, aid or support the establishment of clinics, medical facilities, hospices, nursing homes, residential homes and day care centres and such other facilities as may be required by persons in need;

2) Establish and manage child care centres, kindergartens, student care centres and such other facilities as may be required by children and students in need and;

3) Aid or support all registered charitable organisations which share or have common or similar objects to the foundation; and to make all of the above available to all persons regardless of their race, religion and gender.
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  • Elderly
  • Health
  • Social Service

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