About Campaign

ends 03 Dec 2016, 11:59 PM
Help rebuild the lives of Ex-offenders and their families. Support our SANA Flag Day by adopting one of our Donation Bags @ $50 each.

Funds raised from each adopted bag goes a long way in supporting Ex-offenders pick up the pieces and start their lives afresh with their families.

Your generous contributions will allow us to effectively run our key programmes:

- Providing financial assistance to our needy beneficiaries, which include ex-offenders and their families. By adopting one Donation bag for $50, you are helping a family of 4 with their groceries for an entire week.
- SANA Step-Up Centre: a reintegration hub for Ex-offenders to seek assistance
- Preventive Drug Education: educating the public on the dangers of drug abuse and where to seek help
- Family Enrichment Programmes: Workshops and events geared towards fostering family bonding and support for ex-offender's new chapter in life.

About the Charity

SANA believes the fight against drug abuse starts with building self-worth and enabling self-determination. Every one of us can rise above influence, instant thrills and self-doubt to stay focused on the people and things that really matter.

SANA helps people recognise that they can resist, and rise above the influence of drugs.

We do this through:

- SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT with and for the at-risk community
- EQUIPPING caregivers and counsellors involved in aftercare and reintegration, social recovery and aftercare
- ASSISTING those in recovery to re-integrate into society and lead purposeful lives

We are focused on connecting with individuals, communities and those at-risk, in every engagement - we want to inspire positivity, restore hope and invigorate action.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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