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About Us

Silver Ribbon (Singapore) was set up in 2006 and launched by our late President S R Nathan. Our aim is to education the public on positive mental health and encourage early help-seeking attitude. Our team has been working with various stakeholders to raise awareness on mental health and conducting trainings to both the public and private sectors on some signs and symptoms of common mental illness.

Our Vision
Positive attitude towards mental health among the community.

Our Mission
To combat mental health stigma, encourage early treatment and facilitate integration of people with mental illness within the society through innovative means of promoting mental health literacy.

Our Objectives
a. To provide information on the types of mental health services available in Singapore.
b. To raise awareness of mental health issues & promote the eradication of stigma & prejudice against persons with mental disorders.
c. To provide basic counselling & facilitate the detection of persons with mental disorders with the purpose of encouraging treatment.
d. To promote positive mental well-being.
e. To assist specific interests of the community to customize mental health programs for different audiences.
f. To assist persons with mental disorders to integrate into community, thus improving their quality of life.

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Our Programmes

Complimentary Counselling
Our team has been providing complimentary counselling to all our clients since inception. We provide psycho-emotional support to clients, caregivers or anyone who feels that their loved ones, or themselves, could be suffering from a mental health condition. Counselling could be face to face or online via zoom or phone.

Outreach Events
Our team works on evenings and weekends with various stakeholders to educate the public on signs and symptoms of common mental health issues in Singapore. Be it setting up a booth or giving a public education/talk during outreach events, we hope to clear the myths on mental illness and focus on mental wellness. This often encourages our clients or caregivers to step forward and allow us an opportunity to invite them for a complimentary counselling session.

Mental Health Awareness Talks
Our team organises talks and interesting outreach events to allow the general public to participate and learn more on the different types of mental health issues and early detection could assist in higher recovery.

Mental Health Awareness Trainings
Our trainers conduct sessions to teach the participants on some commonly seen mental health conditions and how they could learn to identify the signs and symptoms. They would also learn how they could assist or manage their loved ones who might be suffering from a mental health condition and to manage their own mental wellness too.
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Silver Ribbon (Singapore)

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