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About Us

Our objectives are:
a. To provide information on the types of mental health services available in Singapore.
b. To raise awareness of mental health issues & promote the eradication of stigma & prejudice against persons with mental disorders.
c. To provide basic counselling & facilitate the detection of persons with mental disorders with the purpose of encouraging treatment.
d. To promote positive mental well-being.
e. To assist specific interests of the community to customize mental health programs for different audiences.
f. To assist persons with mental disorders to integrate into community, thus improving their quality of life.

In furtherance to the above:
a. To measure the level of stigma towards mentally ill community & develop strategies to encourage positive attitudes.
b. To identify level of awareness to shape the activities in mental health promotion.
c. To increase rates of help seeking & decrease delays in treatment, thereby curbing mounting medical costs in SG.

Our Programmes

Our Vision
Positive attitude towards mental health among the community.

Our Mission
To combat mental health stigma, encourage early treatment and facilitate integration of people with mental illness within the society through innovative means of promoting mental health literacy.
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