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About Us

Shan You is a Social Service Agency founded in 1995 to provide mental health and social care services to our community. Our services are available to all in the community, regardless of race, religion, nationality and ability to pay.

A registered charity with the status of Institutions of a Public Character (IPC), Shan You is also a full member of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS). Shan You operates 2 centres - Shan You Counselling Centre and Shan You Wellness Community.

Public donation is needed each year to maintain the accessibility and affordability of our programmes and services to all in the community. All donations to Shan You are eligible for 250% tax deduction.

Our Programmes

Shan You Counselling Centre provides counselling to youths, adults, seniors, couples, and families in the community. Our clients present with a wide spectrum of mental health, relationship and other issues. Our counselling services are provided by a team of clinical psychologists and counsellors who are trained to provide evidence-based and mindfulness-based counselling.

As a community-based counselling centre, our services are available and accessible to all in the community. Our counselling services are helping to reduce mental health treatment gap and treatment delay for those living with mental health challenges and preventing suicide.

Shan You Wellness Community believes in the motto of Heathy Mind, Healthy Body and Healthy Living. It provides social care services to our mostly elderly beneficiaries by addressing their physical, mental and social well-being.

Donation is needed for our free meal services, which provide lunch and dinner to elderly beneficiaries, and food ration distribution services, which provide free monthly food packs to vulnerable and/or disadvantaged individuals and families in the community. Both services are dependent on the support of our warm-hearted volunteers and generous donors.
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