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ends 04 Oct 2022, 11:59 PM
Every year, 100 children in Singapore are born with congenital malformations and newborn diseases, where natural body organs fail to develop properly at birth. Despite attempts at surgery to reconstruct or substitute various defects, many succumb from respiratory, intestinal or kidney failure, or are left with life-long disabilities.

Your generous support will increase the survival of children with these disorders from birth (after 40 weeks' of pregnancy) to adulthood (40 years), and decrease the burden of long-term disability through research and education in the following areas:

1. Technologies to improve the quality of surgical correction of congenital malformations and newborn diseases.
2. Predictive testing methods to identify patients at highest risk of deterioration and disability.
3. Supportive care systems to alleviate the burden of disability in uncurable disorders.

About 300 children with various congenital disorders will benefit every year. Annually, our education initiatives will share knowledge and new discoveries with about 150 local and regional medical professionals as well as parents and caregivers.

Your donations, received by the Surgery Academic Clinical Programme residing in SGH Health Development Fund, will be presented for the 1:1 government matching.

Eligible donations will enjoy 250% tax deduction and the donation will be automatically included in the donor's IRAS tax assessment. If you would like a receipt, please email [email protected]

About the Charity

The SGH Health Development Fund supports the promotion, development and provision of health related services to benefit the Singapore community at large. These initiatives include assistance to patients in need, and advances in medical research and education to improve patient care. SGH Health Development Fund is part of SingHealth Fund, (UEN 201624016E) an Institution of a Public Character. All donations received are managed and administered by SingHealth Fund


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