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ends 29 Sep 2021, 11:59 PM
At SGH, music therapy is used to help patients suffering from debilitating illnesses such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, dementia and Parkinson's disease. Music therapy does not only help patients cope with the physical pain and mental trauma of the illness, but also give them a chance to recover faster and experience a better quality of life.

For 45-year-old Jessica, who was suffering from stroke, music therapy has helped her to regain her speech with structured auditory rhythmic cues. For 35-year-old Fu Xiang, who had difficulties walking after a traumatic brain injury, music therapy has helped him to regain mobility using musical cues.

Over the past five years, SGH has helped more than 350 patients on their journeys to regain their functional independence and confidence. Many of our patients requiring music therapy are in need of financial support. They often face a huge financial burden, paying for music therapy, in addition to other treatments.

Your donation is critical as there is no government subsidy available for our patients. Your support will go a long way to make a lasting impact on our patients and their caregivers at the hospital. Help our needy patients heal today.

All eligible donations will enjoy 250% tax deduction. The donation will be automatically included in the donor's IRAS tax assessment and receipt will be issued upon request via [email protected]

About the Charity

The SGH Health Development Fund supports the promotion, development and provision of health related services to benefit the Singapore community at large. These initiatives include assistance to patients in need, and advances in medical research and education to improve patient care. SGH Health Development Fund is part of SingHealth Fund, (UEN 201624016E) an Institution of a Public Character. All donations received are managed and administered by SingHealth Fund


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