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ends 30 Nov 2021, 11:59 PM
The Tina Sergeant Professional Development Initiative (TSPDI) is a funding initiative by SDEA to support freelance practitioners and drama educators to make professional development a regular part of their lives.

This November, we need your help to raise $2000 to support drama educators for our professional development programmes happening in 2021.

With this, we will award selected applicants up to $500 to attend SDEA training programmes so that they can grow and give back to the community.

"Freelancers who are often paid on an hourly basis, think twice or thrice before they commit to any form of professional development as they not only fork out their own money, but forgo income to attend classes," said Harris Jahim, ex-SDEA Committee member who spearheaded the project.

The initiative is named after SDEA founding member Christina (Tina) Sergeant who volunteered much time as a committee member from 2002, until she passed away in 2013.

"We named the initiative after her because we wanted to remember a dear friend and colleague, and her practice of constantly learning and giving back to the community she belonged to." Peggy Ferroa, SDEA President 2011-2015

Support professional development and help drama educators level up by donating!

About the Charity

Established in 2002 as a not-for-profit organisation by a group of artists and drama educators, SDEA's mission is to advance the profession of the drama/theatre educator and advocate for the practice and value of drama and theatre in performance, education and community.

SDEA is run by a volunteer committee comprising 9 members elected on a 2-year cycle supported by a secretariat at Goodman Arts Centre.

SDEA is a member of the International Drama/Theatre Education Association (IDEA) and is committed to making drama/ theatre and education accessible, significant and present in the lives of children and young people everywhere. SDEA's work as an advocacy and professional development body has earned recognition from IDEA's President Robin Pascoe as meeting the goals for the development of arts education mapped out in UNESCO's 2nd World Conference on Arts Education Agenda.


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