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About Us

*SCAPE Co., Ltd. is a non-profit organisation that supports youth, talent and leadership development.

We aspire to reach out and engage every youth in Singapore through specially curated programmes and events. *SCAPE is also active in creating a community where we encourage nurturing and enterprising behaviour in youth to support one another in the pursuit of their aspirations.

*SCAPE empowers youth with multiple channels and spaces that bring aspirations to life, riding on boundless vigour and creativity. The youth of today are inspired to DREAM IT AND LIVE IT AT *SCAPE!

Through *SCAPE, youths will be able to:
- Pursue and achieve their Passion
- Try and test their emerging Possibilities
- Explore and discover their Purpose

Our Programmes

*SCAPE offers a series of programmes for youths to learn new skills, harness their creativity, and create something impactful while cultivating an enterprising spirit. Our programmes centre around Creative Arts, Media & Entertainment, and Entrepreneurship & Careers. Most of our programmes are offered free of charge for youths.

Our programme objectives are to:
- Educate through workshops, skilling, etc.
- Explore through mentorships, sandbox, etc.
- Expose through internships, hackathons, etc.

Some of our signature programmes are:
- Creative Arts: Music Day Out
- Media & Entertainment: National Youth Film Awards, Streamer Residency, Podcast Competition+, Elevate
- Entrepreneurship & Careers: Creative Fellowship
  • Children & Youth
  • Community
  • Education
  • Social Service

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