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ends 30 Jan 2022, 11:59 PM
71-year-old Mdm Tan suffers from poor mobility due to chronic legs swelling and cellulitis. Hence, she is dependent on her 78-year-old husband, Mr Chong, as the primary caregiver for her day-to-day needs.
However, the loving couple soon found themselves struggling financially as Mdm Tan's medical care needs increased, further worsened by her husband's retrenchment. Things took a positive turn for Mdm Tan and her husband with SATA CommHealth Homecare Nursing Services.
In Singapore's ageing society, caring for a vulnerable elderly like Mdm Tan may become a reality for many people. But what happens when the caregivers themselves, like Mr Chong, are getting older and frailer themselves? Our aged loved ones would ideally prefer to be cared for in the comfort of their own homes. However, the increasingly complex care needs of our seniors and shrinking families must be balanced against the needs and well-being of caregivers.
SATA CommHealth Homecare Services are increasingly vital necessities that provide a respite for caregivers. It provides them with the pillar of support for them to lean on in trying times, to stay resilient and ensure a more sustainable manner of care for the needs of their ageing loved ones.
Your donations will be used to fund this programme as well as other programmes for the needy and seniors.

We thank Falcon Media for their kind contribution in dedicating 1 free mth of OOH media airtime at Sim Lim Tower & Fortune Centre to help us drive donations.

About the Charity

SATA CommHealth was established in 1947. As an IPC charity, we are Here To Care for the health of seniors and the vulnerable in the community. We serve around 200,000 patients in the medical centres every year, and the proceeds are channelled to help fund our community services. Our beneficiaries are served through community events, subsidised care at our medical centres as well as home and centre-based services which include homecare, doctors-on-wheels, day rehabilitation centres and Fernvale Community Hub. We were awarded the Charity Governance Award (Large Charities category) in 2018. For three consecutive years, we were also awarded the Charity Transparency Award by the Charity Council for its exemplary disclosure practices.We continue to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting MOH and community partners, in various areas such as providing vaccinations via our Mobile Vaccination Teams and Vaccination Centre, administering ART and PCR swabs and managing patients in our Public Health Preparedness Clinics.


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