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ends 28 Feb 2020, 11:59 PM
Like Mr Wong in our video, we have many seniors currently taken care by SATA CommHealth to assist with their significant homecare needs, especially their medical care. As we all know, most of the seniors want to stay and age well in the comfort of their homes as long as possible.

Home is where everyone is comfortable but home is definitely a heavenly place for someone, whose health is slowly deteriorating. Counting on their last few moments with sickly conditions, all they need or every human would wish for is to get their living space organised, to be part of the community and to meet their social, medical and emotional needs. For that to happen, kind and blessed souls like us will have to come forward and help these needy seniors who believe and have placed all their trust in us to help them achieve their little needs. We are the help and the comfort for them and they would love to see the world through us despite the sufferings they face on a daily basis.Your donation will help many seniors in the community to get the prompt care at the comfort of their home.

With your help, SATA CommHealth will be able to provide holistic services to many needy patients in the community. Extend this precious gift of peace and comfort to someone who needs it now. All these efforts are possible through your donations and kindness. Thanks to your kindness to our needy seniors!

About the Charity

HERE TO CARE for the health of seniors and vulnerable in the community.

SATA CommHealth was established in 1947 as a charity healthcare organisation fighting against tuberculosis in the early days. The organisation has since evolved to become a comprehensive and quality healthcare provider serving seniors and vulnerable in the community.

We serve our beneficiaries through community events, subsidised care at our medical centres as well as home and centre-based services which include homecare, doctors-on-wheels, day rehabilitation centres and Fernvale Community Hub.

With the COVID-19 pandemic evolving, more resources are required to care and serve the underprivileged for their medical and social needs, while fulfilling our prime duties as Public Health Preparedness Clinics (PHPC) supporting MOH, in managing patients with acute respiratory infection (ARI) symptoms at all our medical centres. SATA CommHealth has also provided X-rays services through our mobile buses at Singapore Expo earlier this year.


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