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ends 30 Jun 2020, 11:59 PM
Seniors are vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus infection. SATA CommHealth has a committed group of frontline healthcare workers who are helping to support them. We serve them in their homes, our therapy centres as well as our medical centres.

It is important for seniors to get the influenza (virus) vaccine as well as the pneumococcal (bacterial) vaccine. When a senior is infected by the COVID-19 virus, he may get a pneumonia and can get infected by other infections of the lungs as well. That is why it is crucial to protect them against influenza and pneumococcal infections.
Even though there is no vaccine for COVID-19 currently, it is important to help protect our seniors against other types of lung infections.

Each influenza vaccine cost about $30 to $40 and each pneumococcal vaccine (PCV-13) cost $120 to $150 in clinics. Many seniors cannot afford these vaccinations and choose not to take them.

Your donations will help us reach out to these vulnerable seniors to vaccinate them as well as to help us continue running our existing services for our seniors.

Thank you for your kind generosity during this worldwide pandemic.

About the Charity

SATA's history goes back as far as 1947 where we were the main frontiers in the community battling off one of the worst menaces, Tuberculosis (TB).SATA started its fundraising back then itself to set up its own X-Ray facilities in order to detect TB and give hope and recovery to those who were suffering.

Over the years, SATA evolved into an organisation focusing on the growth and development of the community health across the nation. Revamped into an organisation which provides holistic services and has become one of the prominent healthcare providers, it rebranded itself into SATA CommHealth in April 2009. Since then SATA CommHealth's primary focus has always been to ensure that integrated healthcare services are catered to the elderly and needy in the community.

Given the status of Institution of Public Character (IPS), SATA CommHealth would now like to reach out to more needy people and vulnerable elderlies to meet their social, medical and emotional needs and integrate them back into the community. Specialised services like home care, Doctor-On-Wheels and screening for eyes and diabetic foot were exclusively introduced and made readily available to our elders.

Your contributions will help many seniors and needy in the community to get prompt and appropriate care through SATA CommHealth. Extend this precious gift of peace and comfort to someone who needs it more than you. All these efforts are possible only through your donations and kindness


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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