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About Us

Your giving will help us to work with ex-offenders and their families to rebuild their lives. The Singapore After-Care Association (SACA) assists over 1,000 ex-offenders and their families who face a wide variety of challenges in their rehabilitation journey, from personal and familial issues to impoverishment and systemic and cultural factors. We hope to increase our reach and also work with our existing clients on a deeper level.

SACA as a key aftercare agency and an institution of a public character (IPC) has been providing welfare and rehabilitation services for ex-offenders and their families since 1956. It is affiliated with the National Council of Social Services (NCSS) and is also a member of the Community Action for the Rehabilitation of Ex-offenders (CARE) Network that coordinates aftercare interventions nationally.

Our Programmes

SACA aims to provide holistic support to ex-offenders and their families through:

In hopes of minimizing the cycle of reoffending, individualized case work and counselling services are provided to clients and their families, with the intention of addressing their criminogenic needs.

Course fee subsidies, workshops, and befriending services are available to clients who are interested in furthering their education to achieve their goals.

The Ex-offenders Assistance Scheme (EAS) provides support to ex-offenders who are not involved in any aftercare programmes, and families of ex-offenders.

Through home visits by our social workers, case managers and volunteer after-care officers, the level of care for children of incarcerated mothers is assessed, culminating in first-level interventions and referral to appropriate services.

family-connect @ State Courts
Beginning on 22 January 2018, SACA's volunteer after-care officers will be stationed at the State Courts to provide firsthand assistance to families who have witnessed the sentencing of their loved ones. Early intervention will help these families prepare for the challenges they are likely to face. This is done in hope that the families will be more receptive towards working on their relationships with the inmates during incarceration and after their release from prison.

Our Wish List


SACA would like to engage in more outreach and fundraising campaigns to spread the word about second chances and reintegration of ex-offenders.

Our annual charity event, a charity film premiere, targets to raise at least $200,000 yearly to cover deficits in funding for programmes and services. If you could help sponsor movie event venues, that will be very helpful to us in terms of covering costs.

It would also be of great help if you could contribute to securing venues from which we can outreach to the public, such as through setting up booths.


Food rations (non perishables that can be stored without fear of rats getting to them) will be useful for our clients many of whom need basic subsistence help in terms of food, lodging and education.


Corporate gifts for the charity film premieres and other events for our clients, their families or volunteers.

Skill-based services such as plumbing, debugging, design, website creation, video production and photography will be helpful too.

Thank you!

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