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Sands of Hope aims to encourage donors to support RDA with a one-time donation of $500. Each donation of $500 = One Tonne of Sand.
The RDA horse-riding arena have served the disabled community for well over 15 years. Funds raised can be use to purchase new surface materials for resurfacing, refurbishing our existing riding arena and expand our riding programme. The enhancement work will enable us to strengthen the safety and riding experience of our riders, as well as expand and bring hope to more children and adults with disability.

Give them a sense of hope with "SANDS OF HOPE".

About NPO

RDA is the only registered charity in Singapore which has been providing free therapeutic and rehabilitative horse-riding for children and adults with disabilities for the past 35 years. We provide horse-riding therapy (hippotherapy) to those with special needs. Hippotherapy has helped those with physical disability like cerebral palsy with improved muscle tone and motor functions. Those with learning disability like autism have seen improved social skills and better sensory sensitivity. As part of the therapy, we bring our riders out for walks at a nearby forested trail. For many of our riders with physical disabilities, going into a forest is impossible on a wheelchair or with a walking aid. But they can do so with ease on a horse-back. Over the years, some of our riders have advanced beyond therapy riding to international competition level! Two of our riders, Gemma Foo and Maximillian Tan, who represented Singapore in the 2012 London and 2016 Rio Paralympics Games started their riding sessions

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