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About Us

As a charity, Institute of Public Character (IPC) and member of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) helping the low income cleaning attendants, the Restroom Association (Singapore) seeks to improve the quality of life of these cleaning attendants.

In 2008, the son of a restroom cleaning attendant wrote to Straits Times urging for higher wages. He shared that his father's monthly pay of $700 in 1995 was barely enough to support the family and 13 years later in 2008, his basic pay was $750.

Your donations will be used to purchase Grocery Vouchers and organise appreciation activities such as tribute lunches for cleaning attendants either at the annual LOO (Let's Observe Ourselves) Awards ( or community and school events.

Our Programmes

Cleaning Attendants' Appreciation & Recognition

1. The LOO Carnivals are organised island wide to educate the public to be kind and considerate to cleaning attendants and grocery vouchers are also presented to the attendants on site.

2. The LOO Awards recognises restroom cleaning attendants for their efforts in keeping the restrooms clean. At the award ceremony, attendants are presented with grocery vouchers and plaques. Attendants have to be first nominated for the LOO Awards which is open for nominations every year.

3. Schools participating in the STAR Awards programme can opt for cleaning attendants' appreciation activities as one of its projects. The activities include meals, games and presentation of cards, gifts or grocery vouchers to the attendants.
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