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ends 29 Apr 2016, 11:59 PM
Dreams in life, regardless how small, matter to the human spirit.

For the disadvantaged youths in our society, some of their dreams do not come by easily and may even seem like an unattainable reality.

REACH Community Services Society (RCSS) wants to create a safe place that they can turn to and call home, where their hopes and dreams are never too far from their reach. This inspires one of our community touchpoints, REACH Youth Powerhouse to kick-start this campaign "A Haven of Dreams".

A Haven of Dreams seeks to nurture the youths through our various mentoring and outreach programmes which help them to activate their strength and reach their potential.

We like to invite you to build A Haven of Dreams with us together. Your generous contribution will empower the youths to fulfill their dreams.

About the Charity

REACH Community Services Society(RCSS) is established to inspire hope and empower positive change in the lives of the needy, through her 4 Community Touchpoints:

- REACH Youth Powerhouse: Holding fast to the belief that every youth has a hero within them, REACH Youth Powerhouse aims towards Activating Strength, Reaching Potential amongst the hopeless youths.

- REACH Counselling Centre: A safe haven where passions are ignited, love is celebrated, trust is restored and growth is commented. Celebrating Love, Embracing Growth amongst couples and families become the key focus.

- REACH Senior Centre: A place aims towards Engaging Mind, Fullfiling Lives for the seniors with meaningful activities, to improve their quality of life and enjoy their golden years fulfilled.

- REACH Family Service Centre: Strive towards Sharing Love, Inspiring Hope amongst the needy and distressed families.

Since the inception in 1998, we have grown in our community outreach services, and have helped families, youths, couples and seniors from the stage of anxiety to seeing hope in lives. It will not be possible without the invaluable support of the kind generous donors and sponsors. You could be part of the mission with us.

Our clients:-
- Children from low income families
- Youths at risk of school dropout, delinquency gangs-related offence
- families with financial socio-emotional difficulties
- Couples in dire situations of separation or divorce
- Seniors battling loneliness


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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