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Rare diseases are life-threatening conditions that affect fewer than 1 in 2,000 people. Many rare diseases are fatal. Most rare diseases are genetic, directly caused by changes in genes or chromosomes that affect the body's ability to produce enzymes or biochemical needed for the body to function normally. This means that individuals are usually born with rare diseases. Many are diagnosed in childhood.

No treatments are available for most rare diseases. But for a few, effective medicines are available. In such cases, with early treatment, patients' lifespans and quality of life can be greatly improved, allowing them to live relatively normal lives. However, such medicines are expensive and are typically required for life. This places a heavy financial burden on the patients and their families.

The Rare Disease Fund (RDF) seeks to provide long-term financial support for patients with rare diseases requiring treatment with high cost medicines. The RDF is managed by KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH) Health Fund (part of SingHealth Fund(SHF)).

A voluntary RDF Committee has been set up to exercise stewardship over the Fund, approve medicines eligible for RDF support in consultation with clinical experts, and assess patient applications for financial support under RDF.

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Just as every rare disease is unique, so is the patient. Patients with rare diseases can have a wide range of care needs. While there are existing financial schemes in place to assist them, more support is needed for their expensive medicines.

Nine-year-old Zecia has Gaucher disease, a rare neurodegenerative condition where her body does not produce an enzyme to get rid of a specific type of fat. This fatty substance can then build up in various organs causing damage. Zecia requires fortnightly enzyme replacement therapy for life, which costs more than S$24,000 monthly The cost will increase as she requires a higher dosage as she grows older and gains weight.

The RDF aims to provide long-term financial support for patients with rare diseases for their high cost medicines.

Your donations* will greatly help patients and their families as they battle these diseases. For every dollar of public donation, the government will match $3, boosting the impact of your donation. All operating expenses of the RDF are covered by MOH, so that your donation will go directly into helping the patients.

Thank you for giving them the Hope for a Lifetime.

*All donations received are managed by SHF, an institution of Public Character (UEN 201624016E). Donations must be received by 31 December 2019 for your 2019 donations to be eligible for a 250% tax deduction of the gift value in YA2020. Donations received after 31 December of the current year will be reflected in the following year.
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