About Campaign

ends 18 Oct 2023, 11:59 PM
PSALT Care Ltd (pronounced as 'Salt-care') is a registered charity that relies largely on public donations to fund our mission - supporting and sustaining mental health recovery.

Through this campaign, we hope to:

(A) Subsidise and support community members with mental health conditions attend Psaltcare's mental health recovery peer support groups, recovery training and/or mental wellness talks;

(B) Raise community awareness, including to peers and their caregivers, on mental wellness care options and recovery support resources;

(C) Support our technology and publicity needs (including enhancement of website, creation of multi-media resources and other mental wellness care contents etc.); and

(D) Provide sustained support to increasing numbers of persons with mental health conditions we serve, in their long and non-linear recovery journeys.

We are presently enrolled in a 1-for-1 donation matching for the programmes and services we provide. Your donation enables us to help more individuals who suffer from depression, mood disorders, and other mental health conditions. For more information, visit http://www.psaltcare.com/psaltcare-mental-health-donate/

About the Charity

PSALT Care Ltd is a registered charity that plays a part in promoting mental health recovery in Singapore.

We run and host various peer support groups, psychoeducation talks and workshops to strengthen and sustain the recovery of those suffering from mental health conditions such as depression and bipolar disorder.

Your financial support will help fund our programmes and activities supporting and sustaining mental health recovery, to equip peers suffering from depression and mood disorders in staying mentally well by conducting meaningful and relevant programmes; and giving them hope & encouragement through peer-led support groups


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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