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About Us

PSALT Care Ltd is a registered charity that plays a part in promoting mental health recovery in Singapore.

We run and host various peer support groups, psychoeducation talks and workshops to strengthen and sustain the recovery of those suffering from mental health conditions such as depression and bipolar disorder.

Your financial support will help fund our programmes and activities supporting and sustaining mental health recovery, to equip peers suffering from depression and mood disorders in staying mentally well by conducting meaningful and relevant programmes; and giving them hope & encouragement through peer-led support groups

Our Programmes

PSALT Care Ltd supports persons facing mental and emotional issues - particularly persons suffering from depression, bipolar disorders, ADHD, anxiety attacks and obsessive compulsive disorders, some of who having co-morbity of conditions such as addictions. This is actively done through peer-led support groups as well as conducting meaningful educational programmes aimed at helping them in their mental health recovery.

'I have struggled with Clinical Depression for more than 12 years. Initially, these were very dark and lonely days of my life. Coming to Psaltcare helped me realise I wasn't alone in my struggles.' Quote by Chris, a Psaltcare peer.

By operating a dual-purpose activity hub cum short term residential respite centre, which we affectionately call Betsy's Place, persons with mental health challenges find a community that can truly empathise with what they are going through and have a safe place that they can call 'home'. They now also have a quiet, rest place to go to whenever they need a safe space to regain their composure during times of heightened personal stress levels. At Psaltcare, we also provide them with coping skills training and workshops to help them along their recovery journey.
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