About Campaign

ends 31 Dec 2021, 11:59 PM
LIFEBLOOD CENTRE was setup in year 2002, with events in the neighbourhood such as 'Blood Donation Drive', rice distribution to disadvantaged families and providing basic necessities for people suffering from blood disorder diseases such as thalassemia and subsequently included helping cancer patients as we receive numerous requests from the public as well as the hospitals that we work closely with.

When patients are diagnosed with cancer or life-long blood disorders, they experience emotional and physical pain. Many from the low-income group are unable to make ends meet which result in huge financial stress. Many patients undergo intensive and high side effects treatment processes which impair them from performing their usual activities and eventually their losing their jobs. Lifeblood Centre aims to provide financial and emotional support to the beneficiaries as well as their caregivers. Cancer is not incurable, but it is a slow and painful process which requires emotional and financial support to the patients and their families.

About the Charity

After 18 years in the community, PCS has been helping many cancer patients and their family members. We provide them with free transport to hospitals for their treatments and also monthly medical subsidies. We also help children and youths from low income or single parent families in their school work and also character building. We have seen children who were doing badly in their studies improve and growing in their self confidence. We hope to continue providing our services to those who are in need.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.