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ends 13 Apr 2021, 11:59 PM
We started a mini project, "Deliver A Promise", in year 2016 to go beyond our promise to our beneficiaries by replacing household essentials such as a refrigerator, washing machine and basic furniture to their homes. Deliver A Promise (DAP) emphasizes the rights for our fellow Singaporeans to possess basic living conditions such as having a working and clean kettle, a safe cooking stove and simple furniture like dining table and chairs that were missing or in an extremely undesirable condition which we witnessed during our home visitations. Our promise extends to even essential services such as helping beneficiaries who have mobility issues to clean up their houses and tuition classes for children from dysfunctional families.
In this time of pandemic, we want to concentrate this project in Bukit Batok, where Promisedland Community Services (PCS) is based and we would like to rally the whole community to join us! We want to help families who are in need especially those households that are experiencing sudden loss of income from their jobs, terminal illnesses and etc.
We want to help 10 families each month and to do so, we are aiming to raise $10,000 per month.
We just want a $10 from you to help your neighbour in need to spread a positive message among the community! Let us start small to help and bring back the community spirit in Bukit Batok!
Give your neighbour a high '10' today!

About the Charity

After 18 years in the community, PCS has been helping many cancer patients and their family members. We provide them with free transport to hospitals for their treatments and also monthly medical subsidies. We also help children and youths from low income or single parent families in their school work and also character building. We have seen children who were doing badly in their studies improve and growing in their self confidence. We hope to continue providing our services to those who are in need.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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