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ends 16 Jan 2018, 11:59 PM
1) Please choose eNets payment during checkout when paying for Zakat.

2) Please take note that Zakat contributions are NOT eligible for 2.5 times tax-deduction.
According to IRAS: Zakat is treated as an expense under section 14 of the Income Tax Act and this is set off against the employment income of that individual. It does not qualify for 2.5 times tax deduction for the applicable period. For example if an individual pay Zakat of $200, he is only entitled to claim $200 as an expense against his employment income. You would have to declare Zakat expense under employment income as it is not auto-included.

May Allah s.w.t. reward you bountifully for performing this important pillar of Islam which is the prosperity of the community.

About the Charity

"Growing up, I witnessed how my mum raised my siblings and I. She put us through school and provided food by working two jobs everyday. The only chance we get to spend time together sharing our day is when she picks me up from the student care centre (SCC). Seeing how strong she is makes me want to become a firefighter when I grow up. I want to study hard and achieve my dream so that she doesn't have to work so hard and have time for herself. At PPIS SCC, I was given the opportunity to visit a fire station for the first time! Since then, I knew I wanted to be as strong as my mum and help others." At PPIS Student Care Centres, we strive to keep our fees as low as possible while students enjoy enrichment programmes and activities at no extra cost. We want them to realise their dreams and become contributors to the society. Your contributions can help our centres provide better programmes to unleash the potential in these children.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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Mohammad Shahrin Latif, Contact Person