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About Us

PPIS (Singapore Muslim Women's Association) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping less-privileged women, children and families through holistic community programmes. We offer Family Services, Student Care and Early Childhood Education through 16 Centres island-wide.

Since 1952, we have helped 60,000 Muslim women, children and their families through services such as family therapy, fostering, early childhood education, after-school care and training.

This year, we hope to raise funds of $1 million to continue to support the women, children and families that we are working with.

Our Programmes

The programmes that our centres run are distinctive from one another as different centre specializes in different areas:

Salaam Support Programme - For children and adolescents between 10 - 17 years old who have gone through parent death or divorce.

MAWAR Programme - Support programme for divorced / widowed mothers with dependent children.

Public Education Workshop - Talks or workshops focusing on issues related to impact of divorce on children, responsibilities after divorce and co-parenting issues.

Titian Kasih (Bridge of Love) Programme - The course aims to equip young couples with skills and knowledge to build a strong and stable marriage.

HOPE & SINAR SAFAR Programme - Serves to support young families in their journey towards empowerment and resilience.

Program Memupuk Kasih - (Nurturing Love) - Discover insights on establishing a stable stepfamily.

Bunayya Programme - Designed to support children in their journey of living in stepfamilies.
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Mohammad Shahrin Latif

Persatuan Pemudi Islam Singapura (PPIS)

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