You'll never walk alone

Who is a part of your community? Does it only include your friends and family, or could it extend to those who have been left behind?
With one of the highest levels of inequality among developed countries1, each of us may go home to very different realities. While some are able to kick back in comfort, others may struggle to find their next meal or even a place to sleep at night.
But it doesn’t have to stay that way. By partnering with our social services charities, you can help to provide the comfort and stability that these needy families and individuals need. Be it a couple of dollars or a few hours of your time, your support could make a world of difference. 
This month, let’s remember that our communities are more than just ourselves.
Click on any of these campaigns or volunteer opportunities below to donate or volunteer. Better still, if you'd like to fundraise for these charities and do more to support social service programmes, start your very own fundraising campaign here.
(1) Source: Straits Times