#PledgeYourBirthday for Good


Everyone’s got a birthday. In 2020, how about turning your birthday celebration into something special apart from receiving gifts and feasting? You can #PledgeYourBirthday for good and make a difference to over 80 NPOs supported by Community Chest! 


1.  Go to "Fundraise Now" and select Community Chest in "I am fundraising for". 


2. Think of a fun, snappy campaign name, write down your campaign story (for e.g. why are you choosing to pledge you birthday to do good), your fundraising goal and select the duration of your campaign.


3. Click submit and Community Chest will be informed to review and approve your campaign.

4. Once approved, SHARE your campaign on your social networks, rope in your loved ones to give the gift of goodness together.


Thank you for joining Giving.sg and Community Chest in building a #CityofGood together on your special day!


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