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ends 08 Jan 2019, 11:59 PM
Playeum is a non-profit independent organisation that champions children through play and creativity, and is also an advocate and promoter of the voice and rights of children. They see children as authentic cultural citizens and advocate for children by ensuring that each child is given equal opportunities to play; and playing in a way that ensures growth and learning.

They run Asia's first Children's Centre for Creativity currently located at Gillman Barracks. The Centre is opened to ALL children, where they can play freely everyday 6 days a week. For those where fees are a consideration, they have the Play-It-Forward fund where donors pay it forward to allow for free entry.

At the Centre, Playeum provides all materials for children to be able to express their creativity with. Some items are running out/damaged and Playeum needs help to raise money to get more of these materials:

1) Markers
2) Colour Pencils
3) Pencils
4) IKEA Paper Rolls
5) Masking Tape
6) Low Benches (for Workshops)
7) Glue Guns + Glue Sticks
8) Aprons for Children
9) Child-friendly Tools

The raised amount will be used to purchase as many of the items listed above. Any amount goes a long way!

About the Charity

Playeum is an independent charity organisation (IPC) that champions children through play, creativity and the arts. We advocate for children's voices and the development of crucial 21st century skills such as problem-solving, communication, collaboration, critical thinking and more, through the play and the arts.

Through our deep-impact programmes and outreach that enhance social-emotional learning and confidence building, we work closely with children under our community partners such as Family Service Centres (FSCs), Children's Home & Child Protection Services, and as well as children with special needs to ensure that all children have the space and time to play creatively.

Find out more about our work at https://www.playeum.com/.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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