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ends 31 Dec 2019, 11:59 PM
Giving Tuesdays is a weekly play-based programme that takes place every Tuesday afternoon for children with varying disabilities.

Little is known on how play supports children with a disability in terms of the development of executive and 21st century skills. Understanding what children can do through play is a process of discovery and Giving Tuesdays provides the opportunity for further exploration and observation on this.

The Centre remains open to all other children at the same time to promote the spirit and importance of inclusiveness. For children with varying disabilities and their families, admission is supported by donations and the doors are open free for them.

Currently, we have over 10 families who come regularly for the programme where they engage in different forms of artful play - painting, role-playing, tinkering and more. Through different activities, they have been able to express their creative potential, develop crucial skills such as communication and collaboration, and form new meaningful relationships.

Giving Tuesdays has now become a weekly activity that they look forward to where they enjoy dedicated playtime with their family members and new friends, for the two hours or more that they are here for. We are also witnessing how parents of these families are gradually forming a community, as they interact and share relatable experiences.

We are seeking for more donations to support more families to be part of Giving Tuesdays.

About the Charity

Playeum is an independent charity organisation (IPC) that champions children through play, creativity and the arts. We advocate for children's voices and the development of crucial 21st century skills such as problem-solving, communication, collaboration, critical thinking and more, through the play and the arts.

Through our deep-impact programmes and outreach that enhance social-emotional learning and confidence building, we work closely with children under our community partners such as Family Service Centres (FSCs), Children's Home & Child Protection Services, and as well as children with special needs to ensure that all children have the space and time to play creatively.

Find out more about our work at https://www.playeum.com/.


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