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About Us

Playeum is a non-profit independent organisation that champions children through play, creativity and the arts, and is also an advocate and promoter of the voice and rights of children. They see children as authentic culture citizens. Through direct participation and collaborations with artists and art groups, they offer all children equal opportunities to create, express and ignite their imagination while using play to enhance social emotional learning and confidence building.

They run Asia's first Children's Centre for Creativity currently located at the serene settings of Gillman Barracks. The Centre is opened to ALL children, where they can play freely everyday 6 days a week. For those where fees are a consideration, they have the Play-It-Forward fun where donors pay it forward. Playeum works closely with community partners such as Family Service Centres (FSCs), Children's Home & Child Protection Services to ensure that children from disadvantaged backgrounds have the space and time to play creatively, through the support of the Play-It-Forward programme.

Playeum also does social impact work with children from challenging backgrounds through high touch programmes and workshops that use play to enhance social emotional learning and confidence building. For corporates who would like to sponsor these programmes, contact us directly at [email protected]

Our Programmes

Playeum focuses on:
1) Developing innovative and high-quality play spaces, programmes and products, designed to encourage open-ended and self-directed learning;

2) Running professional development sessions for parents, educators and artists to transform mindsets and behavior, achieved by:
a) showing them how competent children can be in the right environment;
b) research and advocacy;
c) partnering with ECDA, MOE, British Council, etc.;

3) Systematically serving the underprivileged and marginalized children in our society, through child empowerment in-centre and deep impact communities.

Over the last 8 years, Playeum has co-developed over 150 programmes reaching over 100,000 children and families through close to 100 creative partnerships. Playeum opened the Children's Centre for Creativity at Gillman Barracks in September 2015, and has since received over 90,000 visitors. Playeum also won 9 international awards for innovative programmes.
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