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ends 18 Apr 2020, 11:59 PM
Economic Impact of COVID-19

With the temporary closure of mosques and suspension of large-group events and classes, asatizah whose main source of income is from conducting religious activities and classes, will also be economically impacted.

Part of Pergas' work is to ensure that the welfare of local asatizah is well taken care of especially in times of crisis and uncertainty. In doing so, Pergas is proposing a Gracious Package (GP) which may require the support of our community.

Who Qualified?

They are asatizah who are not under any full-time employment. They can be self-employed, independent and doing freelance teaching at their own capacity to fulfill invitation by mosques, madrasah, IECP and others. They may be active and semi-active on the ground. They must be ARS certified.

For more details, visit https://www.pergas.org.sg/gracious-package/

About the Charity

Singapore Islamic Scholars and Religious Teacher Association or known as Pergas is the only association in Singapore of it's kind.

Founded in 1957 with the intention to oversee the welfare of the religious scholars (Asatizah) by profound scholars of the past here in Singapore.

As times goes by, Pergas has evolved and become an association which provides religious leadership to the community, develop asatizah experts and offers Islamic Education.


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