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About Us

Singapore Islamic Scholars and Religious Teacher Association or known as Pergas is the only association in Singapore of it's kind.

Founded in 1957 with the intention to oversee the welfare of the religious scholars (Asatizah) by profound scholars of the past here in Singapore.

As times goes by, Pergas has evolved and become an association which provides religious leadership to the community, develop asatizah experts and offers Islamic Education.

Our Programmes

"Developing a generation of religious scholars (Asatizah) who are experts in guiding the community"

With this mission, we dedicate in providing programs and courses to develop the skills and uplift the knowledge of our Asatizah in order to stay relevant to the ever-changing dakwah landscape of Singapore. We also provide scholarships for Asatizah to pursue studies in postgraduate.

The next generation of Asatizah is also as important. Our youth wing, Young Asatizah Assembly provides training to Madrasah and undergraduate students both in skills and knowledge upgrading to prepare them to face challenges when they graduated.

We also offer financial support through various schemes namely Asatizah Financial Assistance, Madrasah Student Adoption Scheme and Education Financial Assistance.
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Singapore Islamic Scholars and Religious Teachers Association

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