How Your Donation Makes a Difference

About Us

Perdaus has a 50-year history of providing educational and leadership development services to the community.

Today, Perdaus is a Muslim non-profit organisation whose core programmes evolve around equipping the community with critical knowledge and skills that will shape the development of a virtuous and progressive society. Our services touch each member of the family, from the very young to those several generations older.

Our Programmes

We have a whole spectrum of programmes that range for the young and young at heart.

- Iyad Perdaus infant-, child- and studentcare services.

- Madrasah Perdaus, a moral education weekend school for student in kindergarten, primary and secondary level.

- Youth development programmes for tertiary students.

- Arabic literacy programmes for adults.

As a general donation, your money may go to any one of these projects and/or causes:

- Supporting a child from a low-income family to attend weekend Madrasah at Perdaus or to attend Iyad Perdaus Child Development for childcare and/or kindergarten.

- Sponsoring a participant or a student the course fees for our Arabic literacy workshops.

- Assisting with the maintenance of Perdaus and/or Iyad Perdaus' equipment or premises.

- Supporting Perdaus educational activities and programmes...and more.

Your contribution will assist in ensuring that those who come to Perdaus, will benefit from Perdaus, in their minds, bodies and souls, God willing, in the hopes of our vision of a righteous society.
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  • Education
  • Humanitarian
  • Social Service

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