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ends 31 Jan 2020, 11:59 PM
Mr Kow (not his real name), 56, looks well-groomed when I first met him. But he is actually a homeless person.
He was working part-time in the IT sector when he got retrenched in 2014. Subsequently, he was unable to find a job and lived on his savings. He was forced to move out of his rental flat in 2017 when his savings ran out.
Since then, he has been living as a homeless person. When he first started his homeless journey, he felt uneasy and embarrassed. He had to sleep on benches in public spaces or on the floors outside fast-food restaurants and shopping malls. Often, he had to sleep in a sitting position as he was concerned of checks by the security officers. There was also the fear of being robbed. After some time, he felt psychologically and emotionally drained.
Mr Kow is also suffers from eczema. He has been admitted into the hospital A&E three times due to fever and flu when he was sleeping in the open. He is also diagnosed with a thyroid condition and acute pancreatitis. Due to his medical conditions, he has difficulty finding a job.
In a recent street count conducted by volunteers, it is estimated there are about 1000 people sleeping on the streets...

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Presbyterian Community Services (PCS) is a voluntary welfare organisation dedicated to reaching out to the community in order to touch and transform the lives of those around us. Our programmes and services reaches out to children, youths, families and seniors regardless of race and religion.We provide services for children, with a focus on those with special needs, in partnership with families and the community and try to improve the quality of their lives. At the same time, we also reach out to the frail and vulnerable elderly to provide accessible, affordable and high quality care regardless of race, religion or creed.We also have initiated an Emergency Relief Scheme (ERS) which provides short-term relief to individuals and families in need of temporary financial.


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