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ends 09 Dec 2017, 11:59 PM
Because You Care....

is a fundraising campaign to raise funds for our Seniors Activity Centre (SAC). PCS runs a total of 3 SACs and our mission is to reach out in partnership with the community to engage and support the frail and vulnerable seniors to age-in-place for as long as possible. The seniors we support are from different race and religion. Each year, PCS needs to raise about 0.5 million to sustain the different programmes, services and activities aimed at keeping our seniors active, healthy and happy.

Ng Ah Fook, 84, lives alone in a rental flat at Jalan Bt Merah. He is one of the many single seniors that I visit during my work in Sarah Seniors Activity Centre (SAC). He is a private person and tries to do everything himself, preferring not to depend on anyone.

About 3 months ago, Mr Ng disclosed to me that he has diarrhoea. I also noticed that his feet were swollen and appeared bruised-black. I had urged him to see a doctor but he refused.

One afternoon, a resident volunteer noticed that Mr Ng was squatting at the groundfloor void deck and appeared unwell. She immediately alerted me and I went down to look. By then, he was already very weak and not very responsive. So I immediately called the ambulance for him.

A few days later, his nephew came to inform us that Mr Ng was diagnosed with terminal cancer and only had a few months left to live. I was saddened to hear of his condition. He was recommended to stay in a hospice but Mr Ng stubbornly refused and want

About the Charity

Presbyterian Community Services (PCS) is a voluntary welfare organisation dedicated to reaching out to the community in order to touch and transform the lives of those around us. Our programmes and services reaches out to children, youths, families and seniors regardless of race and religion.We provide services for children, with a focus on those with special needs, in partnership with families and the community and try to improve the quality of their lives. At the same time, we also reach out to the frail and vulnerable elderly to provide accessible, affordable and high quality care regardless of race, religion or creed.We also have initiated an Emergency Relief Scheme (ERS) which provides short-term relief to individuals and families in need of temporary financial.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.