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The Lawn Bowls Association for the disabled (Singapore) aka Parabowls Singapore was setup with a mission of getting rid of the stigma that a person with a disability is incapable of participating in sports. A disability is just a functional limitation whether it is physical, mental and visual. Lawn bowling is one of the few sports where anyone can participate and enjoy the activity regardless of any disabilities or ages. The game improves fitness, develops new skills, increases social contacts and helps in enjoying the challenges of competitions. Above all, the game gives an intellectual stimulation and it is an ideal sport for Singapore where there is a fast growing number of senior citizens.

Our Programmes

1. Training of disabled members for participating in Lawn Bowling
2. Promoting Lawn Bowling amongst the disabled in Singapore
3. Promoting Lawn Bowling amongst the elderly to help them improve their fitness
4. Organize international tournaments to promote sports regionally and internationally
5. Give international exposure to Singapore sportsmen by participating in local and international tournaments.
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James Chia

Lawn Bowls Association for the Disabled (Singapore)

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