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To present and produce plays and musicals which are challenging, inspiring, relevant, accessible and of the highest artistic, entertainment and production values. These productions may deal with themes that Singaporeans can relate to and identify with,, and at the same time, have a broader, global resonance and universal significance. To produce plays and musicals written by critically acclaimed playwrights, established classics and new works with the aim of offering audiences opportunities to enjoy a wide variety of theatre, as well as fostering a deeper appreciation for the dramatic arts amongst our community. To uncover and nurture new talent and provide opportunities to aspiring artists, playwrights and technical practitioners, to hone their respective crafts in a professional arena.

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INFOMATION ON ACTIVITIES CARRIED OUT BY THE ORGANIZATION TO ATTAIN ITS OBJECTVES To establish a full-time non-profit theatre company to : a. Present and produce public and private performances b. Hold talks & workshops. c. In any other manner or medium communicate to members or the public. d. Establish a space and means under which artists can develop their work. The funds will be used to fund the objectives and activities above.
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