Enable communities to improve their water, sanitation and hygiene practices through community development, capacity building and behaviour change.

About Us

63 million and 241 million people in Southeast Asia lack access to drinking water and sanitation facilities respectively (WHO/UNICEF 2015). 78,500 Southeast Asians are estimated to die from diarrheal disease every year, including 14,000 children under 5 years old.

WISE's vision is for a Southeast Asia with universal and equitable access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). Simply constructing a well or toilet is not enough. Meaningful change cannot occur without tackling political, social and economic realities. We aim to tackle root causes through community development, capacity building and behaviour change.

Our Programmes

Community development
WISE works hand-in-hand with local partners and communities to understand and co-develop locally appropriate solutions to improve WASH conditions. We currently work with Phnom village in Cambodia to enable sustainable toilet construction and Tapon commune in Cambodia to tackle protracted drought problems.

Capacity building
WISE trains NGOs and youth to be able to implement more impactful WASH and development projects. This includes Singaporeans who participate on overseas CIP projects, and WISE volunteers throughout the world.

Behaviour change
WISE is developing educational modules to encourage primary school children in Indonesia to practice proper waste management, using gamification.
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WISE - WASH in Southeast Asia Limited