Empowering ADHDers and their Families to Live Life to the Fullest

About Us

Unlocking ADHD was conceptualised as a response to the gap in information about Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) in Singapore and officially launched in Oct 2021 during ADHD Awareness Month.

We are an ADHD-driven, ground-up initiative with almost 40% of our team diagnosed/or suspected to have ADHD. The remaining volunteers have a friend/loved one with ADHD, and wish to play a part in creating a more understanding and inclusive society by dispelling common misconceptions and levelling the playing field. It is through the dedication of our volunteers that we have managed to accomplish so much in the past 3 months.

The ADHD brain has been likened to a Ferrari engine with bicycle brakes. Here at Unlocking ADHD, we help ADHDers to strengthen their "bicycle brakes" by providing curated information and resources to understand ADHD, equipping them with the right tools to manage ADHD, and giving them the right support through our ADHD community. We believe that with the right support and environment, it is possible to navigate sharp turns safely and win the race.

If you are passionate about championing ADHD awareness, have a personal ADHD story to share, or would like to collaborate with us, email [email protected]

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Our Programmes

Unlocking ADHD is focusing on 4 main areas to make an impact:

(1) Awareness - to create more awareness of what ADHD is, the importance of an early and accurate diagnosis, and share stories of Hope

(2) Accessibility - to provide access to information and resources, to connect ADHDers to healthcare professionals that are experienced in this area and to bring together individuals and companies who are able to provide services that support the ADHD community

(3) Achievement - to encourage ADHDers to reach for their personal best and maximize their potential - by identifying their strengths and creating a supportive environment, anything is possible!

(4) Advocacy - although the worldwide prevalence of ADHD is upwards of 5% of the population (diagnosed), the impact is much greater on families and society. There is still a lack of awareness and support about ADHD, and stigma remains which limits options available for ADHDers. We want to share inspiring stories and show that ADHDers are capable of making positive contributions to society. It is also one of the most treatable conditions especially when intervention is done early.
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