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About Us

Kim Choo Nyonya rice dumplings has been a mainstay in Singapore's diverse epicurean tapestry since 1945. Many covet its rich taste, raiment by the fragrance of Nanyang; finely woven around the humble delicacy. But more importantly is its ability to preserve the traditional, unyielding to the hands of time and untainted by the modern. Today, Kim Choo offers a wide variety of products and services, which seeks to maintain and uplift the Peranakan culture of the Nanyang.

Our Programmes

We are keen to collaborate with Individuals or Non-Profit-Organisations in promoting our shared heritage through arts and cultural initiatives.

We are also open to ideas of collaboration to help fund raise for causes that are aligned to our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts in promoting our share Peranakan heritage.

Some of our recent programmes & initiatives:
The Tingkat Initiative
A fundraising effort to ensure that tuition teachers are given the opportunity to commune and get to know their student's family, while ensuring that they are well nourished.

Beads of Hope
Empowering single parents to pick up a hobby, while making some income.

Purple Ondeh Ondeh
A fundraising effort to celebrate abilities.
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