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About Us

OMM is a Singapore-based symphony orchestra established in 2008, comprising over 140 highly-trained volunteer musicians. Although many have chosen careers outside of music, our musicians are dedicated to high standards of music-making and community work. Under the mentorship of Assoc Prof Chan Tze Law, Vice-Dean of the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, OMM has become an integral part of the Singaporean classical music scene and gained international repute.

OMM is an orchestra like no other. Beyond our musical ambitions, community work is an integral aspect of our identity. To date, OMM has assisted in fundraising over S$7 million for charitable causes, and our impact extends beyond that. One of our most well-attended initiatives is playwithOMM, which gives the public an opportunity to read standard repertoire with an orchestra. Much of our work also centers around youths, and a cornerstone of that is our annual Orchestra Camp in collaboration with the School of the Arts Singapore, which develops musical and leadership potential in youths.

OMM enjoys strong audience support at our performances, being recognised with the HSBC Youth Excellence Award for Musical Excellence, and being a regular recipient of the National Arts Council's support since our founding. OMM's ingenuity lies in our versatility, as we perform a wide repertoire of musical styles, from classical works to film music and beyond.

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Our Programmes

We plan, develop and conduct outreach, charitable and fund-raising programmes and activities mainly through the medium of music. We aim to provide a platform to build a spirit of philanthrophy and volunteerism within the music community through the conduct of such outreach, charitable and fund-raising activities and programmes. We also actively promote music and arts-related education and awareness amongst the community in Singapore, and conduct workshops, programmes, concerts and activities to encourage and further musical and artistic skills and education. In recent years, OMM has worked closely with local composers to encourage the continued creation of Singaporean orchestral works, while also looking beyond OMM to collaborate with other musicians and soloists from Singapore's musical landscape.
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