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About Us

OMM is a volunteer orchestra comprising classically trained musicians from all parts of society, united in their wish to perform together as an ensemble. At 23 years of age on average, they are students and working professionals in diverse fields. But despite their academic and professional commitments, OMM's musicians remain dedicated to their artistic goals, and consistently contribute to the best of their abilities. The orchestra's rigorous concert demands are always met by its membership, who return project after project to make good music purely for enjoyment.

OMM consistently places charity alongside its musical ambitions; it seeks to achieve social justice and effect the betterment of society through its musical endeavours. It is an Institution of Public Character and has raised over S$7,000,000 for various charitable causes such as the President's Challenge, Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund and the Children's Cancer Foundation. The orchestra's priorities include sharing the orchestral experience with the public through pre-concert open rehearsals as well as facilitating the development of young talent through the annual Orchestra Camp and collaborating with educational institutions such as the School of the Arts Singapore (SOTA). Benevolence and altruism join ineluctably with artistic passion, a combination which ultimately defines OMM as an institution of societal benefit.

Our Programmes

We plan, develop and conduct outreach, charitable and fund-raising programmes and activities mainly through the medium of music. We aim to provide a platform to build a spirit of philanthrophy and volunteerism within the music community through the conduct of such outreach, charitable and fund-raising activities and programmes. We also actively promote music and arts-related education and awareness amongst the community in Singapore, and conduct workshops, programmes, concerts and activities to encourage and further musical and artistic skills and education.

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