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Every 5 seconds, someone in the world goes blind.

285 million people in the world are visually impaired. But did you know that 80% of these cases are preventable? Many do not get the care they so desperately need: 90% of the world's visually impaired lives in developing countries. Lack of training and poor infrastructure is a growing problem.

Orbis is an international non-profit organization and a pioneer in global eye health. We transform lives by preventing and treating avoidable blindness. We do this by building the capacities of our partners.

We work in collaboration with local hospitals, universities, and governments to provide hands-on training, strengthen healthcare infrastructure and advocate for supportive policies.


1) LONG-TERM COUNTRY PROGRAMS: We improve eye health systems by partnering with local hospitals, health agencies and governments. We build cost-efficient and sustainable solutions for long-term impact.

2) ORBIS FLYING EYE HOSPITAL: It is a fully-equipped and accredited ophthalmic teaching hospital. We conduct intensive training for the entire medical team, from doctors to biomed technicians. These programs are part of longer country programs. We pass on skills so that communities continue to receive quality eye care even after Orbis has left the program site.

3) CYBERSIGHT: Cybersight online consultation and medical mentoring leverages on healthcare technology in unique ways to support eye care professionals in the field and in remote regions. It keeps the professionals we train connected with volunteer mentors.

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