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A leader in the fight against avoidable blindness for nearly four decades, Orbis is an international nonprofit that trains, mentors, and inspires eye care professionals in places with the greatest need so they can save and restore vision in their communities.

Thanks to over 400 volunteer faculty from more than 30 countries, Orbis is able to strengthen sustainable eye care systems worldwide through the world's only Flying Eye Hospital, our award-winning telemedicine platform Cybersight, as well as in-country programs.

Our Programmes

Orbis has long been investing in technology and innovation through our Cybersight, telemedicine platform, artificial intelligence software, simulation centers, and virtual reality. Cybersight, our award-winning telemedicine platform, allows us to provide training and support with our local partners, making an impact in places where a physical presence simply isn't possible due to COVID-19, cost, logistics, or security.

Although our legendary Flying Eye Hospital is grounded due to the COVID-19, we were able to pivot our in-person training sessions and take our sight-saving work online throughout 2020 thanks to your support and the hard work of the Orbis FlyingEyeHospital team. This meant our network of world-leading Volunteer Faculties were able to deliver top-class training to the eye health communities that need it most - even in the middle of a pandemic.

Orbis currently have over 40 long-term projects around the world. In 2019, we have conducted 74 programs in 28 countries, more than 66,000 training for eye care professionals, and prescribed more than 183,000 glasses.
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