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ends 31 Mar 2020, 11:59 PM
Three years ago, BK Hari and his wife had hardly any money to pay for their food and had to go to bed hungry for most nights. He said, 'One day I heard about a training programme on poultry farming and livestock. I was struggling with our financial condition and I decided to participate in the training.'
'I started with 200 chicks and necessary materials for chicken farming with the help of CHFN. But later, we added 600 chicks.' he continued. 'That was the beginning of something even bigger,' BK shared with us.

BK and his wife used to be living in a damaged house made of stone and mud. But ever since they started their chicken farming business, they started saving up and is planning to rebuild an earthquake resistance house!

Without technical training on poultry farming, people are depending on traditional ways which fail to capitalise on this growing group of consumers.

To empower poor and marginalised Nepali farmers, we will:
- Provide technical training on poultry farming to 10 families from different districts
- Help them to build a chicken farm after training
- Provide 200 - 400 chicks
- Orient beneficiaries on chicken insurance
- Provide insurance premium

Beneficiaries of this programme are often from the lowest caste in Lalitpur, Nepal. Even though Nepal has banned caste system-based discrimination, lower caste groups still face discrimination in rural communities.

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Operation Hope Foundation is a Christian charity established in 2001 in Singapore.

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