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ends 22 Jun 2018, 11:59 PM
Some of us may have moved on from the news about the 2015 earthquake disaster in Nepal, but there are poor villagers who have not been able to pick themselves up from the aftermath.

With their house destroyed, families had to take up temporary residence in makeshift shelters as they are unable to afford building a complete new house for themselves.

Operation Hope Foundation rebuilds homes for affected families that live in mountainous villages. While the common construction method requires stonemasons and consist of using materials such as bricks and stones, OHF uses the Earth Bag construction method to build RICE BAG HOUSES.

A rice bag house is earthquake-resistant, provides insulation, does not require skilled builders, and utilises the abundance of natural resources (earth and gravel) available at the building site.

Join us in rebuilding homes and give hope to displaced Nepali families. For every $1,500 raised, you give a rice bag house to a family in need. Donors who give to this cause will receive a softcopy photograph of the beneficiary with your donated house.

About the Charity

Operation Hope Foundation is a Singaporean based non profit founded 20 years ago. Our vision is to 'Make Hope Real for people trapped in poverty.'

We are a very passionate, dedicated and honest boutique NGO that works hard to support those in need. We operate primarily in Cambodia and Nepal, focusing on programmes that support children, education and community rebuilding.

Our overarching mission is to improve lives of the poor by providing basic needs, education, innovation and a nurturing environment. We are committed to using donations responsibly and effectively in order to maximise the benefit for people we support.

Please visit our website www.ohf.org.sg to learn more

If insufficient donations are received for a particular project, OHF will channel the funds to other areas where the need is greatest.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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