#NoBushes - Give 50 Toilets to Poor Villagers

by Operation Hope Foundation


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Health. Wellbeing. Safety. Rural communities will never be assured of these due to the dire lack of proper toilets. Many poor communities resort to defecating in the open due to the inability to provide proper facilities for themselves.

#NoBushes is a fundraising campaign to raise awareness and support 50 toilets to be built for the most needy families in Prey Veng, the second poorest province in Cambodia. The gift of just ONE TOILET will be a small but significant upgrade in their daily lives. Let's help them to say no to open defecation in bushes!



Every three in five Cambodians living in rural areas practice open-defecation, resulting in poor hygiene and widespread bacteria-borne diseases like diarrhoea.

According to UNICEF, diarrhoea is one of the main causes of death for children under five and, if it doesn't kill, they may suffer from stunted growth and malnutrition poor absorption of adequate nutrients. Overall, one in 20 Cambodian children does not live to reach their fifth birthdays.


There are 1.25 billion women and girls in the world who go without access to safe sanitation. As such, many are left vulnerable and undergo the risk of harassment, assault and rape when just trying to defecate. Safe sanitation can play a vital role in reducing such risks.

It cost S$600 for a toilet to be built and a community to benefit from better health and well-being. GIVE A TOILET!


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Operation Hope Foundation is a Christian charity established in 2001 in Singapore. We focus on achieving high benefit-to-cost ratio for both our donors and beneficiaries. Hence, we have a very hands-on approach to projects which we own and run. Your donation will go toward supporting the operations of OHF. Please visit our website www.ohf.org.sg for details on OHF's projects, programmes and beneficiaries.

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