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ends 31 Dec 2021, 11:59 PM
Operation Hope Foundation supports about 100 children at our children's home, Hope Village, located in rural Prey Veng, Cambodia.

Our fundraising goal will support a 250ml serving of milk every other day for 100 children - April-December 2021. With more funds, we will increase it to a daily serving.

Milk has been identified as a good way to inject protein and fats into the diet. It is also a rather uncommon good (and thus more expensive) in Cambodia. We have found a supplier of New Zealand full cream milk powder and believe that this can greatly aid in our children's diet, weight and nutritional profile.

Many of the children come to Hope Village between the age of 5-12. All have been brought up in an impoverished environment where food and nutrition is not plentiful. This results in stunting and wasting, both relatively prevalent in Cambodia. Over 31% of girls and 38% of boys are considered to be malnourished in Cambodia (age 5-19, globalnutritionreport.org).

We measure our children's heights and weights monthly and have a supplementary nutrition programme for those considered extremely malnourished (per WHO). We have about 20% of our population that we struggle to lift out of this category - due to their capacity to eat an amount or type of food as well as the wasting they experienced in their early years (over 30% of all children under 5 are stunted and 10% wasted, globalnutritionreport.org). We hope that a diet containing more milk will improve their health.

About the Charity

Operation Hope Foundation is a Singaporean based non profit founded 20 years ago. Our vision is to 'Make Hope Real for people trapped in poverty.'

We are a very passionate, dedicated and honest boutique NGO that works hard to support those in need. We operate primarily in Cambodia and Nepal, focusing on programmes that support children, education and community rebuilding.

Our overarching mission is to improve lives of the poor by providing basic needs, education, innovation and a nurturing environment. We are committed to using donations responsibly and effectively in order to maximise the benefit for people we support.

Please visit our website www.ohf.org.sg to learn more

If insufficient donations are received for a particular project, OHF will channel the funds to other areas where the need is greatest.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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