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ends 22 Jun 2021, 11:59 PM
For a child that comes from a rural village, education is the best gift they have to break out of poverty. However, in Cambodia "Education is free, but going to school is not" - why is that so?

This is because many poor families in Cambodia lack the money to buy school supplies, textbooks and school uniforms. Therefore, many children as young as 6 years old are forced to become labourers to help support their family.

The poverty cycle never ends for these children, as they work in menial jobs with unstable incomes such as collecting cow dung or selling fruits in the market that earn them only a few dollar a day! When these children grow up, they have no skills or knowledge to find a higher paying job.

At OHF, we aim to help keep these children in schools so that they stand a better chance in the future. Our Sponsor a Child (Non-residential) programme helps these kids with the purchase of the necessities so that they are able to go to school. We also provide the children with regular school attendance with a bi-monthly food pack containing basic daily necessities. This helps encourage their guardians to send them to school instead of having the children run errands to earn money.

You can help our cause by donating to fund the programme and help us keep these children in school! For more information on our programme, visit https://ohf.org.sg/nrcs/.

About the Charity

Operation Hope Foundation is a Christian charity established in 2001 in Singapore.

We focus on achieving high benefit-to-cost ratio for both our donors and beneficiaries. Hence, we have a very hands-on approach to projects which we own and run.

Your donation will go toward supporting the operations of OHF.

Please visit our website www.ohf.org.sg for details on OHF's projects, programmes and beneficiaries.

If insufficient donations are received for a particular project, OHF will channel any additional funds to other areas where the need is greatest. Please visit our website for more information.


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