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Nepal is a highly patriarchal society where women face discrimination on almost every measure. The glaring forms of inequality include restricted access to education, unemployment and domestic violence.

Hima Rai was born into a poor family. She dropped out of school at Grade 5 and got married at 15 years old and had a little girl. Eventually, her husband abandoned the both of them, and her in-laws began to physically and mentally abuse her. She escaped the terror with her daughter and set out in her own life, labouring as a seasonal construction worker. She lived hand to mouth and yearned for a sustainable income.

Hima heard of the fully sponsored Tailoring Course offered in her community. Considering the opportunity to be skilled and the chance to receive one of ten sewing machines to start a Tailoring business at the end of the course, she applied for the course. Hima is a focused and attentive learner. She has hopes and is confident that the skill earned will contribute to a sustainable income in time to come.

OHF provides tailoring skills to disadvantaged women to empower them to generate income. The women undergo 3-4 months of training, learn to sew 30 - 40 items, and receive a sewing machine to start a business if they showed potential.

When women in the house contribute to their family financially, they earn themselves a voice, improved treatment and respect. Within the community, they are also better esteemed.

$560 sponsors 1 woman in the course.

About the Charity

Operation Hope Foundation is a Christian charity established in 2001 in Singapore.

We focus on achieving high benefit-to-cost ratio for both our donors and beneficiaries. Hence, we have a very hands-on approach to projects which we own and run.

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