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About Us

Operation Hope Foundation is a Singaporean based non profit founded 20 years ago. Our vision is to 'Make Hope Real for people trapped in poverty.'

We are a very passionate, dedicated and honest boutique NGO that works hard to support those in need. We operate primarily in Cambodia and Nepal, focusing on programmes that support children, education and community rebuilding.

Our overarching mission is to improve lives of the poor by providing basic needs, education, innovation and a nurturing environment. We are committed to using donations responsibly and effectively in order to maximise the benefit for people we support.

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If insufficient donations are received for a particular project, OHF will channel the funds to other areas where the need is greatest.

Our Programmes

OHF Child
*Prey Veng, Cambodia. We run a children's home with about 100 children. They live, grow and thrive here
while attending local school. Many are children who have a relative still, but that person works or cannot
care for them.
*Pokhara, Nepal. We have about 40 children in a rented space in Kathmandu that are just about making
the move to our new, bright and spacious beautiful home in the Gateway of the Himalayas.
*Food pack programme. In exchange for keeping their children in school (instead of removing them to
work), we provide a bimonthly supply of staples and annual package of school uniforms and materials to
ensure the family is fed and the child stays in school.

OHF Skills
*Prey Veng, Cambodia. We have a 3 month room/board included tuition programme that teaches rural
teens skills such as English, Computers, Email/Internet as well as soft skills. The aim is to equip them
with the knowledge to get a job in the city.

OHF Community
*Prey Veng, Cambodia. We build new, wooden houses for people living in desolate conditions. As well as
water wells and toilets to enable safe sanitation, privacy and health.
*Rural Nepal. We build homes made from ricebags - an affordable and effective solution in an
impoverished area with difficult terrain. We began this programme after the 2015 earthquake.

OHF Volunteer
*We love our volunteers who help with community rebuilding. See our website for opportunities.
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Operation Hope Foundation

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