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ends 30 Jun 2022, 11:59 PM
Problem gambling, sex and porn addictions, shopping addiction, and other compulsive behaviours...

Addiction is not just about chemical substances. Behavioural addictions can be just as destructive and even more common in this age of smartphones and the Internet.

While behavioural addiction is often stigmatised as a moral failing, the truth is, it is a mental health condition. It involves losing control of oneself and being unable to stop a damaging habit, despite attempts to quit. Someone around you may be struggling in silence, maybe even a loved one. Families have fallen apart because of untreated addictions. They need to know that there is hope for recovery and restoration.

One Hope Centre (OHC) provides professional help to people and families affected by behavioural addictions. Through counselling, therapy and support groups, we support our clients in their recovery journey towards mental, emotional and family wellness.

Our help programmes are currently fully sponsored by donations. Please support our cause and join us in giving hope to those struggling with behavioural addictions.

About the Charity

Each year we receive and empower about 500 clients with free counselling and support groups. Acknowledging their struggles and journeying with our clients are very important to continue providing hope when there seems to be none.

Your donation can empower our beneficiaries in their journey to recovery and none of your donation will be used to pay off debts.

Based in Singapore, One Hope Centre offers help for people with behaviour addictions, including:
- Gambling
- Overspending, and
- Sexual issues

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Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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