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ends 30 Jun 2023, 11:59 PM
Losing a spouse or loved one can be painful. Many of our elderly clients experience complicated grief from their losses.

Besides the psychological grief and loneliness, they are often met with the new challenges of having to care for themselves. In some cases, they can be so overwhelmed that they lose the will to live.

Our professional counsellors and social workers help the grieving elderly (and their families) with:
- bereavement counselling and
- support them with linkages to financial aid and other services such as housekeeping, meals delivery, application for foreign domestic worker, etc.
- After the elderly stabilizes, a volunteer may be assigned to visit the elderly on regular basis to provide companionship and to monitor their wellbeing.

By supporting our work, you can help our elderly carry on with life.

About the Charity

O'Joy Limited is a non-profit charity that provides psychosocial care to enhance the mental wellbeing of vulnerable seniors and adults.

Amidst the emerging trends of an ageing population in 2004, O'Joy opened its doors and started serving the psychosocial needs of our elderly population via counselling and social work.

in recent years, we noticed the increasing demands for mental health services for young to middle-aged adults. O'Joy acted to fill this gap by starting our BEACON program in 2020. BEACON provides counselling therapy to adults (18 to 49 years old), facing mental health challenges. This was especially timely during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

O'Joy means Oceans of Joy. We hope to bring joy and hope to those we serve through our programmes and services.

O'Joy Limited is a registered charity with IPC status. Your donations are entitled to 250% tax deduction.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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Choo Jin Kiat, Contact Person