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About Us

O'Joy Limited, previously known as O'Joy Care Services, was founded in early 2004 amidst emerging trends of ageing population, by a group of social workers and professional counsellors who recognised the need for prevention and early intervention of mental health issues associated with ageing, and to promote healthy ageing among seniors. We have provided quality professional counselling and clinical case management services to over 5,600 clients since 2004.

In 2019, O'Joy Care Services was awarded the Charity Transparency Awards and Charity Governance Awards with Special Commendation for Operational Efficiency.

From April 2020, we began operating as O'Joy Limited - a Company Limited by Guarantee.

O'Joy continues to be dedicated to serving vulnerable seniors and adults with mental health issues, by providing counselling, case management and health-oriented ageing activities.

Please support us in helping these vulnerable seniors and adults improve their lives through building mental resilience and wellbeing.

Our Programmes

Services for Older Persons

We understand that seniors have complex needs that require tailored services, therefore, keeping in mind that every senior is unique, we attend to their bio-psycho-social needs through providing counselling and clinical case management services ensuring holistic care. We also provide linkages to other services when required and work closely with community partners to ensure seamless transitions. It is our desire that through our services, the seniors would be empowered to improve their mental well-being and increase their resilience to cope with life's challenges.

Mental Health Services

As society evolves and people experience different stressors and pressures in their lives, there seems to be an increasing number of people struggling with mental health issues as they attempt to navigate the challenges they face. At O'Joy, we understand that can be an isolating and scary experience, therefore we commit to accompanying our clients along this journey by providing professional counselling services to help support them through these difficult periods in their lives.

Health-Oriented Ageing (HOA) programme

O'Joy runs Health-Oriented Ageing (HOA) programme for seniors every week from Monday-Friday. The programme consists of exercise, as well as arts activities such as acapella singing, movement, taichi, angklung, arts & crafts to stimulate cognitive function and prevent dementia.
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